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Title Military Service Information for Conscription Candidates Overseas
Writer : Administrator Date : 2015-10-16 Hit : 28753
Military Manpower Administration
    • □  Military Service Process of Conscription Candidates Overseas

          ■ What is dual citizenship?

             ㅇ When a child is born in a country that adheres to the jus soli (right of the soil) principle and his/her
                 parent is a citizen of a country with jus sanguinis (right of the blood) principle, the child obtains both
                 citizenship at birth; one from his/her the birthplace and one from his or her parent’s birthplace.
                 For example, a child whose parents are South Korean is born in the US, which adheres to the jus
                 soli principle, has both South Korean nationality and US citizenship by birth and therefore the child
                 becomes a dual citizen.

         ■ Dual Citizen’s Choice of Nationality

            ㅇ A male dual citizen must choose one nationality by the end of March of the year he turns 18. If he fails
                to do so in time, he may choose (renounce) his nationality only after he finishes his military service or
                after he is exempted from military service.

            ㅇ A dual citizen born while his parents were living overseas without the purpose of permanent residence
                must finish his military service or be exempted from military service in order to choose (renounce) his
                nationality. This type of dual citizen cannot renounce his nationality even during the renunciation period.

         ■ Who are second-generation South Koreans?

            ㅇ Second-generation South Koreans are people who were born overseas (including people who emigrated
                overseas before they turned 6), and lived overseas continuously until the age of 18 (according to Article 2
                of Primary and Secondary Education Law, people who studied in a school(s) in South Korea for a total of
                up to three years are considered to have lived overseas continuously), and their parents and themselves
                acquired foreign nationality, citizenship, or permanent residence from a foreign government, or acquired
                indefinite residence permit (including long-term residence permit of five or more years) in a country without
                permanent residence system, and were confirmed as second-generation South Koreans.

         ■ Military Service Duty of Second-generation South Koreans

            ㅇ According to the Overseas Emigration Law, “second-generation South Koreans” are obligated to serve
                only when they have reported permanent return. Therefore, if you emigrated overseas before you were
                six years old but you renounced your permanent residence and reported permanent return to South Korea,
                your military service duty will be reinstated. If you were born overseas (dual citizenship), but  selected
                South Korean domestic residence and reside in South Korea, your military service duty will be reinstated.

         ■ What is the motherland learning system?
            ㅇ This system is for the people who were exempted from (postponed) their military service for overseas
                emigration reasons to study in one of Korean education institutes in South Korea to learn the culture and
                language of their motherland. The system allows those people to defer their military service duty for the
                duration of motherland learning, thereby encouraging them to feel closer to the South Korean people and
                have greater patriotism for South Korea.

            ㅇ Who is eligible?
                 - People who postponed or were exempted from military service for overseas emigration

            ㅇ What to do
                - Transfer to or enter education institute in South Korea
                  (formal education institute or university-affiliated language institute)

         ■ What is "voluntary enrollment of permanent residents system” ?

            ㅇ This system encourages people whose military service duty was exempted or postponed for acquisition
                of permanent residence to enroll into military service if they wish to serve. The volunteers are guaranteed
                of one departure to and entry back from the country of permanent residency per year during their military
                service in order to maintain their permanent resident status. The roundtrip flights are paid for by the
                government to encourage patriotism and to create an atmosphere for voluntary military service enrolment.

            ㅇ Who is eligible?
                - Permanent residents who wish to serve in the military(Permanent residence includes indefinite residence
                  permit and long-term residence permit of five or more years in a country without permanent residence

            ㅇ Registration and required documents
                - Registration: Regional MMA office Civil Affairs Division, military affairs office in airports.
                - Required documents: Permanent resident military service enrollment application

            ㅇ Military Service Duty
                - Applicant chooses desired date for draft physical examination and enrollment.
                - Public service candidates will be called up only when they wish to serve."
                - Assignment and placement will be decided based on applicant’s aptitudes, skills, and preferences
             * After enrolment, “military adaptation program” is provided for one week to educate the enrollees on South
                Korean culture and military courtesy.

            ㅇ Overseas Travel Guarantee
                - Before enrolment, entry and departure are allowed without overseas travel permit.
                - One overseas travel per year on regular leave is guaranteed.

            ㅇ Travel Expense Coverage upon Leave and Transfer
                - Roundtrip flight to the country of permanent residency and domestic travel expenses in South Korea
                  will be covered by the government.

         ■ What is e-application for conscription candidates overseas?
             ㅇ E-application allows conscription candidates overseas to apply online for draft physical examination
                 and military enrolment so that they can start their military service at a preferred time of the year after
                 returning to Korea.

             ㅇ Who is eligible?
                - People staying overseas (on board a ship) with overseas travel (period extension) permit who wish
                   to take draft physical examination or to enroll.

            ㅇ Available Applications
                - Early draft physical examination application
                - Overseas enrolment application (active duty/public service)
                - Choice of date/unit of active duty enrolment
                 - Application for date of call-up/organization of public service

            ㅇ How to Apply
                - Go to Civil Affairs section of MMA website or use civil affairs application form

         ■ Contact Information
            ㅇ MMA Call Center: +82-1588-9090
            ㅇ Military Manpower Administration (Customer Support Division)
                - Overseas Travel Permit +82-42-481-2755~6
                - Overseas Emigration +82-42-481-2757~8

      □ Technical Research Personnel (TRP) and Skilled Industrial Personnel (SIP)

          ■ Introduction

             ㅇ This substitute military service channels surplus military personnel to entities designated by the
                 MMA Commissioner, to pursue research, manufacturing, or production in order to nurture, develop,
                 and strengthen the competitiveness of national industries.
             ㅇ To serve as a TRP, you must have a master’s or higher degree or be in a doctoral course at a graduate
                 school of natural sciences. TRPs serve in the field of research at designated entities for 36 months.
             ㅇ To serve as an SIP, you must have a national skills certificate (not required for supplemental service).
                 SIPs serve in the field of manufacturing or production at designated entities for 34 months (26 months for
                 supplemental service).

         ■ Military Service Entity: Designation Process
            Military Service Entity: Designation Process
      ※ In parentheses : For affiliated institutes of venture start-ups  

        ■ Contact Information
        ㅇ MMA Call Center: +82-1588-9090
            ㅇ MMA (Industrial Support Division): Designated entity selection +82-42-481-2812 

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