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The Correct Understanding of the Millitary Service System

The Military Service Law lays out rules regarding military service responsibilities.

This law categorizes the military services into Preliminary military service, Active duty service, Supplementary service, Reserve service, and Wartime labor service. It also defines various rules for satisfying the military service requirements ranging from active duty enlistment, full-time reserve enlistment and conscription, social work personnel service, public health doctor service, expert research personnel and industrial technical personnel service, mobilization summons, training exercise summons, wartime labor summons to educational summons.

This law is centered towards imposing and fulfilling military service responsibilities by limiting the freedom and rights of the people, and is centered on the rules of punishment to force the responsibility fulfillment. The fairness has been maximized by preparing the following devices to protect the personal rights when enforcing the rules.

Classification Rules Reservation :
The scope of penalty subjects and responsibilities has been made clear by having the basis in the strict laws and regulations.
Classification :
A penalty must have the basis on the laws and regulations, and the discretionary power in determining a case is not allowed.
Procedural Regulation :
In order to prevent violating rights when a person does not receive a prior notice, issuing a notice or a warning must follow proper steps as defined in the laws and regulations.