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Duties and Function


  • The affairs regarding conscription, call-up and other military administration shall be supervised by the commissioner of the Military Manpower Administration.
    • Conscription, call-up and a wartime military force mobilization
    • The affairs regarding the management of military service resources and other military administration.


  1. Draft physical examination
  2. Active duty service and call-up of social service personnel(art and sports personnel, etc.)
  3. Recruitment and selection of active duty servicemen of the Army, the Navy and the Air force.
  4. Education and management of social service personnel.
  5. Call-up of a wartime military force mobilization and call-up of a war military force mobilization training.
  6. Enlistment and management of expert research personnel, industrial technical personnel, onboard ship reserve service.
  7. Permission for overseas travel of a person liable for military service, etc.
  8. The management of military service resources, etc.