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Vice Commissioner

Director for Audit and Inspection

General Affairs Division

Planning & Coordination Bureau
  • Planning and Finance Division
  • Organization and Management Innovation Division
  • Regulatory Reform and Legal Affairs Division
Military Service Resources Bureau
  • Physical Examination Division
  • Illegal Exemption Investigation Division
  • Cyber Investigation Division
  • Information Planning Division
  • Data Management Division
  • Information Security Team
Active & Mobilization Bureau
  • Active Planning Division
  • Active Service Division
  • Mobillization Management Division
  • Overseas Resources Management Division
Social Services Bureau
  • Social Services Policy Division
  • Social Services Personnel Management Division
  • Industrial Support Division
  • Disclosure of Military Service Division
Regional Office Of Military Manpower
  • Branch Office Of Military Manpower
Social Service Corps Training Center
Central Draft Physical Examination Office
MMA Call Center
Alternative Service Commission